PHD Virtual Backup Support

PHD Virtual Backup Support

PHD Virtual offers data backup, recovery and data replication solutions for the industry leading Virtualization platforms through the renowned architecture, PHD – Virtual Backup Appliance (VBA). PHD Virtual holds to be the best cost effective solution and can be deployed with minimal efforts. PHD Virtual optimizes the efficiency of storage management within cross-platforms like VMware and CITRIX. The PHD Virtual architecture is completely scalable and reliable. PHD Virtual doesn't require any additional hardware / software architecture to function.

We Offer:

  • Configure PHDVBA appliance from the Scratch and Integrate with Citrix Xen Center.
  • Backup storage device Configuration.
  • Schedule Backups and Restore the same form Backup catalog.
  • File Level Recovery using ISCSI software Initiator.
  • VM Replication and Export Virtual Backups.

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