Blade System Support

Blade System Support

For the past several years, Blade servers are pioneering the datacenter market all over the world. The blade servers are fastest growing segment with just a simple reason that they take less space, less power, less IT resources and cost-efficient. The combination of Virtualization, Cloud computing and Blade Frames are dramatically improving the datacenter business. According to the newly released data from IDC, the blade server market has shown good revenue this year. HP, IBM, Dell, Cisco and Egenera are identified to be the major players. IBM Bladecenter, Egenera's Blade frame, Dell Blades and HP blade system all have introduced more innovate way of computing. High speed fabric, Easy re-provision of systems, Fail-over physical and virtual environments, multiple layers of redundancy, end-to-end reliability, excellent cooling technologies, greater I/O performance, integrated storage management, virtual switches / networks, simple chassis management, ready to connect Intelligent Infrastructure and virtualization techniques are offered with these latest blade system hardware.

These growing technologies need to be backed by knowledgeable and most experienced professional in the industry who can help the clients in developing their datacenter environment.

We Offer:

  • The team at ACTSupport processes the requests in the form of tickets and calls from the customers that deploy blade servers of our client.
  • Based on the complexity of the requests, the team breaks into the issue, extracts the logs, finds solutions, runs the simulation in the lab and communicates the same back to the in-house DC team on the customer's side.
  • Team also performs remote login whenever the situation demands.
  • In case of core product enhancement, we will provide proper technical guidance to client and help them to upgrade the system.
  • They view alert conditions, identify and isolate problem properly, identify the affected subassembly if any, request replacements and coordinate with service engineers to perform replacement procedures.
  • Also a track of patches and updates are kept regularly so that they can utilize them for future reference.

Why ACTSupport?

ACTSupport team comes with a high level of technical expertise and service attitude:-

  • Highly skilled professionals with more than 10 years of hands on experience and strong fundamentals on server management.
  • Highly efficient in Blade Server Technology and high level understanding of the following concepts:
    1. Virtualization
    2. Networking protocols
    3. Storage area networking
    4. Management software that enables server administrators to deploy, control and monitor server resources.
    5. Virtualization software that enables maximum usage of server resources by creating virtual server resources that tap physical resources as needed by the application usage.

Highly Efficient Soft Skills:

  • Clear communication with nontechnical people to be able to spot the problem root cause, visualize and test solutions.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication that helps to bypass the jargon and increase productivity.
  • Ability to coordinate among customers, clients and client affiliates to get a problem resolved, work and deliver as a team.
  • Professionals in dealing with corporate clients and customers.
  • Exposure to corporate procedures in technical support, which is essential to support the high end users and providers of such technologies.
  • Ability to see problems of varying dimensions as a challenge and follow a stress free positive approach to resolve them.

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