Parallels H-Sphere

Parallels H-Sphere

Parallels H-Sphere delivers a multi-server hosting automation solution for Linux, BSD, and Windows platforms. H-Sphere includes its own controls panel, automated billing, and provisioning solution in a single integrated system. It is scalable to any number of boxes — more Web, mail, database, and Windows hosting servers can be added without downtime.

Parallels H-Sphere can provide support for many services including domain registration, shared web hosting (Windows and Linux), virtual private servers, database hosting, and mail hosting. Services can be configured to run on a single server or spread across several servers with load balancing and shared storage.

We Offer:

  • Install CP core server and make it accessible via web browser.
  • Add/Manage Linux and Windows boxes.
  • Install/Update Hpshere client packages on servers that are to be clustered.
  • Templates and IP Pool Management.
  • Manage CP Database "PGSQL" and execute queries.
  • H-sphere Account Migration.

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