Parallels Business Automation Standard

Parallels Business Automation Standard

Parallels offer a wide and full range of virtualization and automation software for its consumers and hosting providers. When it comes to hosting, all the business aspects of a Web Hosting Service like billing, hosting automation, domain registration and others services should be enabled for us to build the reseller and customer channels.

PBAS is the hosting industry's leading billing and hosting automation solution for managing both small and medium Web Hosting Services. PBAS is used to manage the reseller's full life cycle. It receives the order the online storefront, bills customers for services, collect their payments, obtain licenses and provides them with a web-based control panel that indeed lets them to update the services on their own.

We Offer:

  • Domain Registration
  • Shared, E-Mail, VPS and dedicated hosting
  • Hypervisor based VM hosting
  • IPs allocation and DNS management
  • Billing and Payment management
  • Reseller Support
  • Kayako Helpdesk Support


  • We can increase the revenue by deploying a wide range of value added services.
  • Automate the aspects of business management including support and system maintenance and thus lowering the need for system management staff.
  • Also parallels provide support round the clock, so we get the answers we need when we need them.

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