Parallels Operations Automation

Parallels Operations Automation

Service plans for any cloud service or application can be catered and managed through Parallels Operations Automation. In terms of large-scale cloud service delivery, a tailored cloud services delivery system renders perfect back-office support and service plan management.

POA helps automation of all facets of provisioning, service, and infrastructure management, as well as customer self service, which acts as a total operations support system (OSS) for cloud services. The entire Parallels Automation suite comprises two main automation systems — Parallels Operations Automation and Parallels Business Automation — added to this, there are number of control panels and service modules.

We Offer:

  • Creation of Mailbox
  • Template creation
  • Management of Hyper-V
  • Provisioning for public folders and mail box
  • Organization creation
  • Management of Mailbox authority permission

Web hosting Support Plan

Time Coverage 24/7 24/7 Ad-hoc Bases 24/7
Response Time 1 hour Based on
support mode
30 minutes Minimum 30 minutes
Ticket Level All levels
Resolution Time 6 hours Based on
support mode
Based on Level of Tickets Based on Clients Request
Support Medium
Number of Tickets Minimum 100 Tickets Minimum 200 Instances Unlimited Unlimited
Server Monitoring
Validity 1 Month 1 Month 1 Month 1 Month

Medium of Support: Help Desk Email Support Live Chat Phone Support

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