Microsoft Exchange Server

Microsoft Exchange Server

Microsoft Exchange Server: Messaging system from Microsoft

One of the most popular servers in the world is Microsoft Exchange Server. Being highly favored in the market, it has been utilized by numerous organizations. It was developed in 1993 when XENIX system was changed into exchange servers. The server is a cost-effective and flexible communication solution designed to help businesses to access information and collaborate wherever they are. It is a redundant platform where one or more components can go down without resulting in downtime. Microsoft Exchange Server supports IMAP, POP and web email clients including Microsoft Outlook.

Our Expertise:

  • Planning and implementation of Microsoft Exchange server.
  • Configure the CAS(Client Access Server) Array.
  • Edge Server Planning and Implementation.
  • DAG Configuration and Implementation.
  • Management of transport rules.
  • Migration.
  • Policy creation.
  • Planning of Backups.
  • Management of public folders and accepted domains.

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