Linux Support

Linux Support

Linux has taken over the world now and it is spreading like a wild fire over the last few years. It provides a cost effective platform especially for SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) as it helps in reducing the business operating costs. Linux has become an ideal choice for desktop operating system. It not only helps you to meet the daily needs but also serves as a good platform for the growth of your organization.

Our team of Linux experts is here to help and solve your problems. ACTSupport is provides you with the best Linux services at a very economical price without compromising the quality. ACTSupport Linux services are as follows:

  • Flavors: RHEL, Fedora, FreeBSD, CentOS, Suse, Debian, Cloud Linux etc
  • Control Panel: Cpanel/WHM, Plesk, Hsphere, Webmin, Ensim
  • Performance Tuning of Linux Servers
  • Automated Tasks (Cronjob)
  • Network/Bandwidth Monitoring (MRTG)
  • Software Installation
  • Server Monitoring (Uptime/downtime) using 3rd party Software and Manual
  • Backup/Restore of Server and Websites
  • Administration of MySQL Database Server
  • Setting up of Apache with SSL Support
  • Setting up Mailserver (Sendmail, Qmail, Exim, PostFix)
  • Recompilation of PHP/Apache/MySQL/Kernel
  • VPS : FreeVPS, Virtuozzo VPS, openVZ and HyperVM
  • Setting up DNS
  • Web Mail Clients: Squirrel mail, Horde etc
  • Installation and Configuration of Various Log File Analysers (AwStats, Webalizer, etc.,)
  • Implementing Firewalls using IPCHAINS and IPTABLE
  • Many more...

Web Hosting Support Plan

Time Coverage 24/7 24/7 Ad-hoc Bases 24/7
Response Time 1 hour Based on
support mode
30 minutes Minimum 30 minutes
Ticket Level All levels
Resolution Time 6 hours Based on
support mode
Based on Level of Tickets Based on Clients Request
Support Medium
Number of Tickets Minimum 100 Tickets Minimum 200 Instances Unlimited Unlimited
Server Monitoring
Validity 1 Month 1 Month 1 Month 1 Month

Medium of Support: Help Desk Email Support Live Chat Phone Support

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