OSNexus Storage Support

OSNexus Storage Support

OS Nexus Storage systems are best suited for Enterprises and SMB's in managing their storage needs. OS Nexus QuantaStor solutions help manage huge volume of data resulting of Cloud – Virtualization, Data pools dealt / resulted by various data based applications, Rich collection of media files etc., This storage appliance is easy to deploy through the API / CLI and requires minimal maintenance. OS Nexus QuantaStor leads the market by supporting top protocols including iSCSI, FC, NFS.., and proven to be a leader in offering dynamic storage solutions in cloud arena.

We Offer:

  • Creating Storage Arrays
  • Create/Manage Storage Pool and Create Pool replication Link
  • Create/Manage Storage Volumes and assign them across the Hosts
  • Create/Manage Storage Volume Groups
  • Adding Hosts and Host Groups, Assign Volumes to the Pool
  • Manage Licenses, Optimize Global storage pool space, Configure Alerts and Notifications

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