Open source Xen Support

Open source Xen Support

Xen hypervisor is an open source platform that enables the user to run different operating systems in parallel on a single machine (or host). Xen has been used for a various number of different applications, a few such instances are: server virtualization, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), desktop virtualization, security applications, embedded and hardware appliances.

Here are some of Xen's key features:

  • Small memory footprint and with limited interface which is robust and secure
  • Operating system agnostic
  • Driver Isolation
  • Paravirtualization

We Offer:

  • Planning the Infrastructure
  • Provisioning Virtual Machines
  • Manage VM Templates
  • Configure and Manage VM Backups/Recovery
  • Migration and Patch Deployment

Virtualization Plan

Time Coverage 24/7 Ad-hoc Bases 24/7
Response Time 1 hour 30 minutes Minimum 30 minutes
Support Level All levels
Resolution Time 5 hours Based on Level of Tickets Based on Clients Request
Node Set Up
Support Medium
Number of Tickets Up to 100 tickets Unlimited Unlimited
Server Monitoring At extra cost No Yes
Validity 1 Month 1 Month 1 Month


Medium of Support: Help Desk Email Support Live Chat Phone Support

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